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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  15/OUT/2018 11:08 PM
Assunto:  superlative -best
Mensagem:  That´s an interesting question  Lilica. It get us to a key point of contention in Brazilian English classrooms (maybe even worldwide classrooms).

That is, a lot of teachers don´t like to put a finger on more informal ways of communicating in English. I mean, they don´t want overdo with slang, English of the streetz (sic) and that don´t use standard grammar.
Some of them, though; would just touch it on the surface, when some student comes up with something that he bumped into, by chance.  From a song, an interview from some singer or from someone that used some ungrammatical statement.

I can see their point, there are a lot of topics and sometimes the student will have something that will be on his test/exam, so he has somehow to maintain the focus.

Except that, sometimes the student will eventually have this "knowledge gap". 
I am not saying that the focus should be (entirely) on the "dark web" or "deep web" of English learning, but some of it would do no harm to them. 
On the other hand, many learners would find their course and study loads increased, and many would complain about it.
To my thinking, it should have a balance somehow. 

And answering your question (at last):

From what I pointed out above, what I can say is, it depends on whether you are the teacher or the learner.
The teacher wants teach you in a way you do well on the tests/exams,  you want some on the side (you want to know and learn what the guy or gal singing or speaking means). 
So, if you are a learner, think of it as some learning "on the side". 
It will get you a bit off tracks, but then with some willpower and juggling you can balance it and learn some things that will help you to express yourself. 
Just don´t overdo it (só não erre a mão - exagerando).

Good luck with your studies.

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