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Autor:  Carlos
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  29/MAI/2004 1:52 PM
Assunto:  Re: Poesia :) !!!
Mensagem:  May my biggest fear not keep me from seeing what I long for May the death of everything I believe in not cover my ears and my mouth Because half of me is what I yell and the other half is my silence. May the song I listen to from a distance be beautiful yet sad. May the woman I love be forever loved even if she's away. Because half of me is gone and the other half is what I miss. May the words that I speak not be heard as prayers nor repeated ?. Just respected. As the only things that is left for a man who is filled with feelings. ??. May my will of leaving became the peace I deserve And may this tension that eats me up insite be worthy one day Because half of me is what I think the other half is a volcano May my fear of loliness disapear. And may life with myself become a little more bearable. Vou ter que sair agora, nao posso continuar.. mas foi o melhor que consegui até agora.. Mas não é o ideal.. alguem me ajuda pls?

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Poesia :) !!!  –  Cleber  29/MAI/2004, 5:20 AM
 Re: Poesia :) !!!  –  Carlos  29/MAI/2004, 1:52 PM
Poesia :) !!!  –  Rodrigo Damasio  24/MAR/2008, 7:42 PM

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