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Autor:  PPAULO
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Data:  24/JUL/2020 12:11 AM
Assunto:  Take on me
Mensagem:  Take on me is easier to crack, and you might have already gone in the right direction.

Take on something would be about taking more (and new/fresh, sometimes) responsibilities or enterprise - to begin an undertaking. 
Take on means to begin to perform or deal with (something) so "take on new challenges would mean" - enfrentar/aceitar/ novos/assumir novos desafios.

In the music is a bit metaphorical, but similar in kind - "begin the process of being in a relationship with me" or we could think in terms of "aceite o desafio/me aceite" (again, metaphorically) "me aceite/me namore" as a (pleasant) 'challenge' by him to her.

"Take me onhave been a difficulty that have baffled even natives of English-speaking countries, so don´t sweat, you are in good company. :-)

Take me on - read the following sentences:
I practically had to beg them to take me on as a client.  
Eu tive que praticamente que implorar-lhes para que me aceitassem como cliente.

Will you take me on as your assistant? (will you accept me as your assistant?)

Some Democrats believe that Mrs Clinton's combativeness is a ploy to pressure Mr Obama to take her on as his running mate.
Alguns democratas acreditam que a agressividade combativa da Sra. Clinton é uma manobra/uma estratégia a fim de pressionar o (Sr.) Obama a aceitá-la como candidata para vice-presidente na sua chapa.

I choose this last example because the previous one could misleading, since "take on" may have this meaning of "hire" (but then, you don´t "hire" somebody to be a vice-president candidate, right?).

Back to the crux:  The first expression - "take me on" - aceite me (aceite o desafio de namorar comigo, de começar um relacionamento - tenta comigo) whereas the second  would be "aceite me como seu namorado.

Basically we have two "aceite-me" but the first is about accepting the challenge, the second accepting him (the person) as something to her (in her life), that is, to be her boyfriend, etc.

Thus, the first accept is [1] "choose the challenge" and the second [2] we could replace by "choose me" (the person).

[1] the "take on me".
[2] the "take me on".

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