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Autor:  PPAULO
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/SET/2020 1:43 AM
Mensagem:  Entrance examination. (vestibular - tipo o do Brasil - mas gradualmente está mudando, veja o ENEM).

But then, you are right. They have a different way of doing that, universities use a combination of school grades (during high school times, problably)/exam results and the SAT/ACT as a "gatekeeper" mechanism.
SAT/ACT are pre-entry tests.

I understand the SAT/ACT as the entrance examination (here) sort of, and the normal way (out there) as an 'ENEM', but took during the span of the high-school studies, they would mean the average of the marks earned during your high school time.

Anyway, let´s wait further comments, this may be a simplistic answer. 

In time: some places in Brazil had similar approach, almost equivalent to them. In Joao Pessoa, sometime ago (recent but not much) the average of the grades earned during the three last years would count as well and help (along with the points scored on the ENEM exam). 
Don´t know if it was a transitional thing or if it persists.

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