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Autor:  mrob
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/JUN/2004 3:04 AM
Assunto:  Re: either...or
Mensagem:  in my humble opinion i think it is a case of 'free choice' ie both (either) of the alternatives seem fine to me - or at least neither is wrong the english language is notoriously murky on these points and despite the best efforts of grammarians to create the illusion of a comprehensive set of rules with a satisfactory answer to every finicky query, it is just not the case - the language is a vast untamed morass - a veritable jungle of confusion (except for verb structure:-) i may have missed some fine distinction in your original post but when i read the alternatives it was my distinctive and natural impression that you could use either X or Y with no negative impact upon the communication of meaning (or the adherence to grammatical principles) i was curious what the native speaker posts were about - but i couldn't read either this one or that one ... or should that be I could read neither of them (please post a clarification of this point in Brazilian) hopefully the posters undoubtedly superior knowledge of Brazilian grammar will enable then to illuminate this particular conundrum

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