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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  27/JUN/2004 9:27 AM
Assunto:  Re: to Tom
Mensagem:  I remember putting this exercise on the forum when I first started posting here: The teacher explains to the class that he (gonna use he for this example) is going to give some instructions about a class trip and when he finishes the sentence all of ths students are supposed to express their happiness or dissatisfaction buy yelling (not too loudly in the classroom) "Yeah" or "Boo". So. Teacher explsins the rules and then says "Let's Start the Exercise" Teacher: "We are going to have to work hard and the next class is going to be five straight hours long." Students: "Boo" Teacher: "We are going to a field trip. Students: "Yeah" Teacher: "We are going to visit a museum." Students: "Boo." Teacher: "It's a movie museum and we are going to see a film in English." Students: "Yeah" Teacher: "The School Director wants to come with us." Students: "BooOOO!" Teacher: "I told him he couldn't come." Students: "Yeah!!" Teacher: "Then we are going to visit a library." Students: "Boooo" Teacher: "It's at the Escola Americana and the older students will be there to talk with us." Students: "Yeaaahhhh!!" Teacher: "None of them are allowed to speak Portuguese to us." Students: "Booo!!" Teacher: "But they are going to give yuo each a brand new dictionary to use and keep." Students: "Yeah!!!" Teacher: "We will miss our lunch break that day." Students: "Boooo." Teacher: "We're going to have an American Picnic at EA!!" Students: "Yeaaaaaahhh." This will get everyone laughing and talking about the "trip" and the fun they could have. Then you give them the assignment of writing such a scenario. It can be about anything they want, even a parody of a speech in Congress or Lula talking to his advisors. In English of course!! Then they stand up and do it in front of the class. Even 6 or 8 lines is good.

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