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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  12/FEV/2003 12:02 AM
Assunto:  Re: Miguel
Mensagem:  Dear Miguel In fact, I do agree with you in that point, I know a great Geographer called Milton Santos, who happened to be Black, besides he had an international status, in his essays he used to say that he still suffered with prejudice and he was a clear exeption in our society. I have to tell you that the Federal (or Estadual, I don't remember right now) University of Rio de Janeiro has started to reserve chairs to Black/mestizo people and the ones who studied their whole academic life in public schools, for me, that's only way, right now, to try to dimish this horrendous gap, but of course there are lots who complain about it, justly the ones who studied in private schools and prepare themselves to the university, of course they have the right to get a wave and study in such universities but I repeat, here we will just overtake the racial problem if at this moment there are some waves to the ones who wants to study but can't afford a private university/college, the ones who are against this law say that for example "How can someone who is not prepared to go to a university take a wave?", but I am also a public school teacher and there one can see how hard is to someone who really wants to be study at a college or university that have to work and therefore doesn't have time to study, don't have the support and quality to study in a private school, can't afford a private English school, there are the ones who want and the ones who don't want to, that's quite normal. I am awere that in the US they used to apply such system but that's over now, is that right? What is your opinion about it? When the slaves were freed, who cared about them? to give them a structure to stabblish themselves in the Brazilian society? No, the "barões" and great farmers preffered to invest in the immigrant manpower, nothing against it, I have Italian and Spanish descendency, but our goverment could have given them something to start out, the favelas are the direct result of this agenda. And how can one correct such gap? Arbitraring giving out places to them in the academic environment. Do you know about this? I will wait your (and anyone who wants to take part) thoughts and comments on this issue. José Roberto.

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