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Autor:  Underdog
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/AGO/2004 9:58 PM
Assunto:  When reporting sth to sb
Mensagem:  Hello everybody! I got a question for you. If you know how to solve it, please just drop me a little something when you feel like. That's my problem: We know that when we are reporting sth that happened in the past we shold put the sentence in the past as well. However, I'm quite sure that I didn't get that straight. So please take a look at the following sentences. Could you please point out the right ones? 1. "He told me his full name WAS Samuel Smith" or "He told me his full name IS Samuel Smith" ??? 2. "She told me she WAS married" or "She told me she IS married" ??? 3. "They said they DIDN'T have children" or "They said they DON'T have children" ??? Could both be right depending on the case? Thank you in advance everybody! Take care!

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