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Autor:  Rubião
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/AGO/2004 10:13 AM
Assunto:  Knowledge vs Understanding
Mensagem:  The providers of this forum affirm that their goal here is to "create knowledge, educate and provide information for free," helped by all the other participants.
In addition, they say that they "pursue clear information, oppose the opportunistic commerce of education and believe in the universality of knowledge."
Then I think to myself of what kind of information is being provided here and what we can make out of it.
With few exceptions, most of the information created in this forum is the disconnected and disposable kind: we read and forget, because they are not vital to our desired grasp of the language.

We do need some information, but we also need it to add to our understanding of the English language. Only with the understanding of the discussed matter, we can really unravel some of the possibilities this language has to offer.
So, instead of the frivolous questions, what if we started to create permanent subject areas of the English language and culture to be discussed, e.g., "HOW TO SAY IN ENGLISH" "LINGUISTICS" "SMALL TALK" "AMERICAN WAY"?

What do you think of it, Ricardo?

How hard would be for you to restructure this forum in order to accommodate a format like this?


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