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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  27/FEV/2003 10:44 AM
Assunto:  Re: War on Iraq...
Mensagem:  Hmmmm That's quite a difficult one, isn't it? Because it's vastly contradictory in the meaning of: every one has his/her own political views and I think this kind of issue at least here could be avoided because it's a forum about linguists and communication, not politics, but on the other hand, I think that every open forum, as the name suggests, is free to be posten any kind of messages and like adult we are, we can discuss it defending our points of view and I like this... I just think that to blame oil and petroleum is to see things by just one point of view, I believe that there's a morbid sum related to it, firstly, this war would be very expensive and even though they take control of the petroleum, it would take a certain period (years) to this petroleum pay the costs of the war (so if UN get participated on that war the costs can be shared and that's the hotests issue about UN participation on this war), one can think about water, in that region Iraq is privileged to be on Euphrates and Tigre basins (and counting Nile river that was where civilisation as we know had firstly risen) and drinkable water is the issue of this century (I don't remember the issue but National Geographic had a special coverage on it), one can think about power, the control of one of the most "belicosas" regions of the world, and Iraq could be a kind of warm to Iran for example. Saddam Hussen also means, somehow an honour deal to Bush and moving so many troops there to not start a war could be in lesser instance waste of money and a loss of credibility (as though George W. Bush has much of it). And what if in case of war, Saddam attacked Israel and Israel returned the attack, how would be the other Arabic nations see the issue? (an excuse to "throw Israel onto the Mediterranean?" and generate a bigger war involving other Arabic countries and Israel?) I can't see Saddam as a major threat, although he is a dictator and dictator are dictators, but that's an internal problem and every sovereign country has to decide its future without interferences, but extreme cases like the "ethnical cleaning" that was taking place in Kosovo. It's a phalacy that France wants "peace" (they invested to much on it), it's a phalacy that George- son of a...former president wants to "defend the Iraq people and the freedom of them", as always on International politics there are no "good" or no "evil". José Roberto

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