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Autor:  Marlon Uba
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/FEV/2003 12:32 PM
Assunto:  Re: Expressions
Mensagem:  There's some expressions I know, I'm still studying The Basic 3. This is much interesting. real peach - ex: My new classmate is a real peach - He's Nice. Top Banana - ex: She's the top banana in the Office- She's the Boss chicken - ex: He's chicken - He's afraid to ask something. real ham - ex: They're real hams at office parties. They're Funny. Smart cookie - ex: I'm a smart cookie - I'm intelligent. was no picnic - ex: My last english text was no picnic. It was difficult. piece of cake - ex: The english text is a piece of cake – It’s easy. Couch potato – ex: My little brother is a couch potato. – He’s too lazy. Others: It’s raining cats and dogs – it’s raining too hard. What’s cooking? – What’s new ? I’ll give you a ring tomorrow – I’ll call you. I’m tied up right now. – I’m too busy. I’m seeing red – I’m angry. I’m felling blue – I’m sad. I’m shaking like a leaf – I’m scared. I’m on pins and needles! – I’m nervous. I’m jumping for joy! I’m happy. Thanks people.

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