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Autor:  Andressa
E-mail:  areyouthere@uol.com.br
Data:  28/FEV/2003 4:21 PM
Assunto:  Re: * Contribuição / Gírias *
Mensagem:  * Expressions with Colors * BLACK be black and blue = covered with bruises blackball (verb) = prevent someone from joining a group by secretly voting against him or her blackboard = chalkboard (the traditional color was black or dark gray) a black eye = an eye that has been injured; (the skin around it is dark-colored) black coffee = strong coffee served without milk blackhead = a pimple (skin blemish) black ice = ice that is dark in color and dangerous because it is difficult to see be in the black = show a profit blacklist = list of people considered to be dangerous or undesirable blackmail = force someone to pay money to keep something undesirable about him / her secret black market = place where money or merchandise is sold illegally at uncontrolled prices black out = (1) faint or lose consciousness; (2) extinguish all outside lights and cover all windows black sheep = scoundrel; undesirable person blacksmith = someone who makes and repairs items made of iron,especially horse shoes have / get something down in black and white = have / get something recorded in writing BLUE blue (adjective) = depressed blue-blood (noun) = someone from a noble or aristocratic family blue book = (1) an official report; (2) a small paper booklet used for examinations blue-chip stock = stock with high value based on stability and past sales blue-collar worker = factory worker blue law = law which forbids doing certain activities on Sunday blue nose = a person with puritanical religious or moral views blue-pencil (verb) = edit or censor using a pencil which makes blue-colored writing blue print = a kind of photographic printing, usually of plans for a building; it has white lines printed on blue paper blue-ribbon (adjective) = highest quality (because blue ribbons are awarded to winners of first-place prizes) do something until you're blue in the face = do something until you no longer have energy to do it (and with no positive results) men in blue = policemen once in a blue moon = very seldom; very rarely out of the blue = describes something that happens suddenly and also unexpectedly true blue = very loyal BROWN AND GREEN brown-bag lunch = a lunch meeting for which people bring their own food (often in a brown paper bag) brownie = (1) with a capital B: a member of a division of the Girl Scouts for young girls; (2) a small, square cake made of rich chocolate brown-out = a period of time when electrical power is operating erratically and not at full strength have a brown thumb = used to describe someone who has no skill in growing plants green (adjective) = inexperienced; naive greenback = U.S. dollar; U.S. currency (paper money) in general green belt = a narrow strip of land with parks and trees around parts of a city greenhouse = a heated building (usually made of glass) which is used for growing plants the green-eyed monster = envy ("His / her eyes were green with envy" = is also used to to describe a very envious person.) have a green thumb = used to describe someone who has great skill in growing plants RED redhead = someone with red hair red hot = (1) something that is so hot that it is glowing; (2) very popular (slang). red-letter day = a holiday (because holidays are often shown in red letters on calendars) red meat = dark-colored meat such as beef or mutton. (Meat which is light-colored--such as veal,pork, poultry, and fish--is called white meat.) red tape = excessive, time-consuming use of rules, regulations, complicated procedures, and formalities (for example, government procedures) catch someone red-handed = catch someone while he / she is committing a crime give someone the red-carpet treatment = give someone (especially a very important visitor) special treatment (see roll out the red carpet) in the red = losing money; showing a financial loss paint the town red = indulge in excessive and extravagant entertainment during a short period of time roll out the red carpet = make lavish arrangements (receptions, formal greetings,banquets, etc.) for a very important visitor. (The red carpet is a long, narrow red rug that is put down for the visitor to walk on.) see red = become uncontrollably angry WHITE white cap = an ocean wave with foam on top white-collar (adjective) = a job which does not require manual labor (for example,a job done in an office) white coffee = a combination of coffee and milk white elephant = a useless possession (for example,a gift that you would never want or buy for yourself) white flag = a flag that is waved to signal that a person or group surrenders to another person or group white heat = temperature that is high enough to make metal appear to be white white-hot = (1) adjective describing metal which is extremely hot; (2) extremely intense or passionate. the White House = the official residence of the U.S. President a white lie = a lie that is told in order to be polite or to avoid offending or otherwise hurting someone white meat = light-colored meat (veal, pork,poultry, fish). Dark-colored meat(for example, beef or mutton) is called red meat. white tie = expression referring to full formal evening dress for men whitewash noun = a mixture of water and powdered lime or chalk which is used to paint walls; verb:(1) to apply whitewash to a wall; (2) to attempt to make someone seem innocent or blameless by concealing his / her deficiencies,errors, mistakes, or faults. egg white = the colorless part of an egg that turns white when cooked the white of one's eyes = the white part of one's eyeballs until you see the white of their eyes = until they are very close OTHER COLOR RELATED EXPRESSIONS black sheep of a family = family member whose behavior is considered unacceptable and disgraceful to other family members black box = an electronic device that records the performance of airplanes during flight have a black cloud hanging over one's head = describes someone who has had an excessive amount of bad luck a gray area = something which can be interpreted in many different ways because it has not been clearly defined or explained gray matter = (1) the brain; (2) intelligence green around the gills describes someone who looks pale and as if he / she is about to become sick greenhorn = a total novice; someone who is completely without experience give someone the green light = tell someone it is safe or acceptable to proceed with an action, plan, etc. in the pink (of health) = completely healthy a pink slip = a notice given to a worker to tell him / her that he / she no longer has a job (that is, that he or she has been fired or laid off) tickled pink = delighted; very pleased see the world through rose-colored glasses = have an excessively optimistic outlook or personality; refuse to acknowledge problems have a rosy outlook = have a cheerful, positive,very optimistic view of life give someone the red light = stop someone from proceeding with an action, plan, etc. purple prose = language which is excessively complicated and ornate, and which seems designed to impress rather than communicate born to the purple born into a wealthy and privileged (or royal) family born with a silver spoon in one's mouth = born into a wealthy and privileged family "Every cloud has a silver lining." proverb = meaning that nothing is as bad as it seems (as) white as a sheet / a ghost = very pale because of shock or fright (also as pale as a sheet / a ghost) yellow = cowardly give someone the yellow light= indicate that someone should proceed cautiously with an action, plan, etc. have a yellow streak down one's back = be a coward

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