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Autor:  Dale Thomas
E-mail:  dale.thomas@earthlink.net
Data:  26/NOV/2004 2:01 PM
Assunto:  Re: fazer vaquinha
Mensagem:  (a)To chip in (Johannes?) (a)Let's chip in and buy a present for the boss. (b)To kick in (b)We kicked in $5.00 each to buy gasoline for Fred's car. (c)To take up a collection (c)We took up a collection and bought a jacket for Mary. (a) and (c) are more common than (b). I do not see "fazer vaquinha" as meaning "to go Dutch". In the US we use "to go Dutch" to mean that EACH person pays HIS/HER OWN share of a bill. I invite Sandra to dinner. I'm a student and she knows I don't have much money. She might say "Let's go Dutch." In other words, she will pay for her dinner and I will pay for mine. While we're on this subject, let me explain something else. I've spent some time in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. There are cultural differences between how bills are paid. In Central America, if friend "A" suggests to friend "B" that they have coffee, it is assumed that friend "A" will pay the bill. In the USA there is no such assumption. "A" could pay the bill, "B" could pay the bill, or "A" could pay his bill and "B" pay his bill. "Mooching" is very common. In Central America, if you have money (if you are a foreigner), you're expected to pay the bill. In Brazil people in a restaurant may be offended if the waiter brings the bill without being asked. In the USA people in a restaurant may be offended if the waiter must be asked to bring the bill.

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