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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  03/DEZ/2004 12:42 PM
Assunto:  Re: to Tom
Mensagem:  Boy, a lot of messages going back and forth today!! Anyhow, I'll help you if I can. How can I say: When I´m riding a car, something that irritates me is people acendem a luz alta. When I'm riding in a car something that irritates me is when a car comes up behind me or approaches from the front with their high beams on. riding in a car.....requires preposition in cars and trucks have high beam and low beam positions for the headlights. How can I say:Ele tem um bom nível cultural. He's really well read and is well educated in the arts. He is well founded in the arts. Please write a dialog for each situation: A taxi driver is playing the radio very loudly while you and another pa ssenger are trying to talk. "Hey, I can't hear you." "Well, ask the driver to turn down the radio." "Excuse me sir, would you please turn down the volume of the radio?" "No ma'am, I can't. The knob is stuck and it's either loud or off and I'm not going to turn it off." "Fine, I understand. Would you please pull over. We are going to get out now." "What, you said to take you to the airport. That's still 40 kilometers away. I'll lose a lot of money if you get out now." "Tough, I asked you to turn the radio down and you blew it. Remember, if the customer isn't happy then you lose your profit for the day." "Stop now or I'll take your ID number and report you to the Better Business Bureau" "Okay, but I bet no cab comes along to pick you up." "Don't worry about that. We will be just fine." Dialog number 2: Someone is sitting in your seat on the plane. "Excuse me, you're in my seat and I'd like to sit down." "Hey, take the seat next to me. They are all the same size." "Yes, they are the same size but I want to be on the aisle so I can get up and walk around every once in a while." "I hate sitting in the middle seat. Maybe I can sit near the window." "That's fine with me. Just move please." "Right, I'll move. I sure hope no one comes along with who is supposed to sit near this window." Dialog 3:A waiter or waitress brings you something that you didn´t order. "Here's your carne de sol." "Excuse, me I didn't order this. I'm a vegetarian. Where's the soup and salad that I ordered?" "Oh, I seem to have made a mistake. Maybe the cook couldn't read my handwriting." "That's a problem between you and the cook. Please go back and get my tomato soup and the salad that I requested." "I might have to pay for this carne de sol plate." "That's not my problem. Maybe you should improve your penmanship. I've never had a problem here before. Just go get my food please, I'm starving." "Okay, I'll hurry." I count on you. That's fine but remember....I'm not the only one in this forum and sometimes I'm gone for a day or two and don't log on to read the posts. However, it's a pleasure to help. I'm glad that student got a good grade in her oral exams. Were you her teacher? Did the other teachers know your student did so well? Maybe they will look to you for methodology and assistance. You might just be having a positive impact on the school.

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