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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/DEZ/2004 3:12 PM
Assunto:  Re: stay snow
Mensagem:  This is from Tom. I like all of these arguments as long as they are in English. Then I can send out posts like this: careful has only one l in it. I often have to check and make sure I've spelled it correctly. About Snow: well, she asks questions that I often can't answer. Sure, I'm a native speaker but that doesn't mean that I know grammar like Dale, Elsa, mrob, Dilma, Maria Valeska and the real teachers. So, I have to do a little research. Even though I'm turning 62 this month doesn't mean I can't learn a little more. Then I answer Snow. I could have asked Takako and Richard to give her my e-mail address and talk with her offline. But that won't help people who have the same or similar questions as those she posts. If I were a novice teaching English for the first time I'd use every source of assistance available. Snow is doing just that. I know that if and when I post something that is incorrect one of the real teachers will jump in and post a correction. I write for another newgroup and often have syntax problems with my submissions. They correct me and I'm happy to have my work improved through constructive criticism. If things work out the short stories they help me with will become a book some day. Bottom line: This forum is to help people. I have asked how to say things in Portuguese and have gotten rapid responses. It's a two way street. Let's not become traffic cops who stop a person from asking for help. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Sure, we get upset with kids who want to know how many countries use English as the official language and others who want a single word translated. Think about it. How did they find this Forum. Do they read the posts? Can they retain or use anything they see? Will they come back later on when their knowledge of English is greater? I say, answer the questions. Send them to the S&K site or give them a link to a dictionary. Don't just blow'em off. P.S. My wife and I really like Johnny Depp. We just saw the movie "Finding Neverland" and I'll tell you...I cried, laughed, learned a little about myself (I'm just a big kid, really, I am....). Now, if we could just get pictures of Johnny Depp and Snow posted to the Photo Gallery things would be outasight!! Oh, I forgot, Johnny Depp is busy raising his kids and doesn't participate. But, I bet Snow has a friend with a digital camera. PPS. What ever happened to João Barros whose photo is in the Gallery twice. He went off to Utah and has been missing for a long time. Maybe he found an IHOP and dropped anchor there.

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