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Autor:  Nobrega
E-mail:  nobrega@usa.com
Data:  08/DEZ/2004 2:43 PM
Assunto:  Re: ISO
Mensagem:  " My pictures got burned because I set the camera for ISO 800 and the film was only ISO 100; everything was overexposed because too much light came through the lens. " Hi Tom, probably marginal to the language question at hand, and as my wife would say, I'm being to damn technical, but, for the record, your "ISOs" should go the other way around. Setting the camera for ISO 800 implies the use of a very light sensitive film. An ISO 100 film inserted by mistake would be seriously UNDEREXPOSED. Oh, but the quality of those low ISO films. "Tenho saudades" of years ago when I took hundreds of slides using ISA 25 Kodachrome film. (ISA was old name for ISO!) The sharpness and quality were unbeatable. Assuming you set the camera to "25", of course... Be well. CR

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