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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  10/DEZ/2004 7:23 PM
Assunto:  Tom Swifties
Mensagem:  These are called Tom Swifties (jokes by Tom Swift). You have to be swift to get them. They are useful in a classroom setting to show puns and the misue of words to create humor. Good Luck!! "I've spotted more blackbirds than you have," Tom crowed. "His Honor is crazy!" admitted Tom judgementally. "My cat didn't win 'Best in Show' but I got a picture of him sitting in the winning loving cup," Tom purred catastrophically. "I should be treated first, because I've been hit with more bullets than you," Tom declared with a holier than thou attitude. "It made the grass wet," said Tom after dew consideration. "I broke your glasses" was Tom's shattering statement. "I'm mentioned in this book," said Tom contentedly. There are too many steps to climb," Tom said tiery-eyed. "The surgeon told him that before he could get a transplant it had to be delivered," said Tom very disheartened. "I'll have to take the telegrapher's test again," said Tom remorsefully. "Want to play cards?" Tom asked wistfully. "I've lived through a lot of windstorms," Tom regaled. "In order for my funeral home business to survive, I will need to find some new customers," Tom said morbidly.

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 Tom Swifties  –  Tom  10/DEZ/2004, 7:23 PM
Re: Tom Swifties  –  Nobrega  10/DEZ/2004, 8:34 PM

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