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Autor:  Johannes
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  15/DEZ/2004 4:14 PM
Assunto:  Re: Manalapan!
Mensagem:  Marina, Are you using an agency to help you find the "ideal" family? Kind of weird for the family to dissappear. My advise would be , while checking out what could be a nice place to be, is to very carefully check out what family you are going to be with. All this stuff about " american father and mother" , while they ( could)make you work dumb hours with impossible kids they can't stand to look after themselves, is something to be weary about. There must be some kind of a check list you would want to go through. Like are the kids dumped on you alone or is Mom at home and you help her. There was this case a while ago of a British au pair who was accused of murdering a baby in her charge. She denied it, she was just banging the baby's head against the floor or some other hard place for it to stop screaming all the time. My bet is that the best place is where the kids are a bit older say 3 years upwards and can talk. There was this very funny ( and enlightening) book I read sometime ago I think it was called the Nannies . It related that the big problem is not necessarily the baby (kids) but the Moms. Mesmo assim: I think one of the best ways to learn English,to immerse, besides pillow friend, is this au pair job. Just check it out and it could be fantastic.

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