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Autor:  JFK
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  17/DEZ/2004 9:15 PM
Assunto:  Re: horny -chifrudo
Mensagem:  Just to clarify Dale why we are talking about chifrudos.

We were trying to find whether Marina would be a Sabina or not. Leaving our brave warriors and giving preference to "Romans" outside Brazil.

Romulus was the founder of Rome. As King, his mission was to find women for his ragtag (and nearly 100% male) congregation of Roman "citizens".

So what does he do? He sets his sites on a vestal virgin from nearly Sabinia, along with as many unattached women he can round up. Successful in corraling an army of lasses, he presides over their pairing off with his host of horny men (this is where the raping starts, I guess, although most of the captured women seem happy with the prospect of hitting the sack in no time flat with their new mates).

But the men of Sabinia, deprived of their wenches, mount an attack against Rome to rescue the damsels.

From this moment on we had the first feminist movement. The women gave preference to the Romans and refused to go back with their natural males. Maybe this is the beginning of the horny men of the world. Sabinia in portuguese is “Sabina” and the masculine “Sabino”. There are 10 thousand people living there at most, and five hundred horny (chifrudos) men. They don´t mind. The women are very beautiful with italian descent…and I´m sure men are from the same background. At my turn, I was born in another city but when I moved to Sabino I enjoyed it very much, people are incredible tame (not kind of a thoroughbreed horse) and women doubtful beautiful. They have a site there, with www and everything. If anyone is interested and I don´t know if is your case Johannes, just dial www.sabino.....I mean just tell me and I will give you the complete net addresss.


JFK - A Roman Centurion


That´s it. Bye.


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