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Autor:  Fox Fox
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/DEZ/2004 11:40 AM
Assunto:  Re: What does it mean?
Mensagem:  Thank you a lot for your help Dale, I'm putting part of the speech to see if you or others can get the real meaning. Would it be "criar lacunas para confundir?" or preparar um álibi? I'm still confused. ELMESSIERI: Yes. Well, you know, right now I'm trying to look back at that particular testimony when that was called up on the computer. And I don't recall right offhand what exactly that was. KING: Does anybody remember? BELMESSIERI: Was that the sports fishing? BERATLIS: I BELIEVE HE WAS LOOKING FOR DIRECTIONS TO A MORTISE. If I am correct, if I recall. Wasn't that? BELMESSIERI: That was at -- that was at the warehouse, right. BERATLIS: Well, yes. (CROSSTALK) BERATLIS: But Larry -- well, one thing -- or Ted, the thing is this... CARDOSI: Yes, who's testimony. BERATLIS: Who stated that that's what they were doing? I know we have the evidence of the computer, but. ROWLANDS: Right. Well, that's what I'm talking about. Some of it was on the Internet, we assume... BERATLIS: WAS THE MORTISE PUT TOGETHER THAT DAY? I don't... (CROSSTALK) BERATLIS: There were so many contradictory statements made by Scott Peterson and we listened to this on tape, we listened to this in the conversations with Amber Frey. His comments to his family, his in-laws, what credence to you put to that? WHAT SAYS THAT THAT'S WHEN HE WENT BACK THERE, HE PUT TOGETHER A MORTISE. KING: That's one of the key things. Steve... ROWLANDS: I'm not saying he put it together. ROWLANDS: He didn't put it together, necessarily. Well, yes, he didn't necessarily put it together. But someone was on the Internet at his warehouse going to that Web page. And that was the -- that was one thing, that really stuck out in my mind. Just the emotional and physical condition one would be, one would think, if he had killed his wife in his house. Surfing the Internet wouldn't be on the list of things to do. Thanks a lot. Fox Fox

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