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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/DEZ/2004 6:54 PM
Assunto:  Our trip
Mensagem:  We had a crazy trip. The preposition is on: we went on a trip. We got to New Orleans in just a few hours. The highways were easy to drive and the holiday rush had not yet started. After we checked into our hotel we went looking for the restaurant where we planned on eating dinner. It was about ten blocks from the hotel. It was very cold and we were not happy about that. We saw the restaurant and went up to see the menu in the window. No menu, just a sign saying they are closed for maintenance until after Christmas!! So, we walked to choice number two. It was open for business. We went back to the hotel to warm up. When it was time for dinner we decided to not walk back to the restaurant. We went to a place right near the hotel and sat near the fireplace in what used to be a home. Now it's a small restaurant. I had jambalaya and my wife had seafood. It was super! Tuesday was warm and we walked all over like tourists. We walked on the levee (the high earth barriers along the river which keep it from flooding New Orleans). We saw ocean liners, cruise ships, cargo ships and barges (chatas) that take steel, coal and other things up and down the river. We had lunch in a Cuban restaurant. I had "ropa vieja" and my wife had a Cuban sandwiche. The waiter's name was Luciano and he is a mineiro; the waitress's name was suienny and she's from João Pessoa (there wasn't a Cuban in the whole place). We went to the same restaurant last year and Luciano remembered us. Then, after walking around and doing some sightseeing, we went to the Café du Mond and had hot chocolate and beignets. Nothing like something good to tide us over until dinner!! After a visit back to the hotel we walked across the French Quarter to the restaurant for dinner. The place was closed!! They were having their annual employee's Christmas party. Talk about bad luck. There had been no sign the night before saying they were going to be closed. We ended up going to a famous place called Felix's. My wife had shrimp and I had frogs legs. We both had beer from a local micro-brewery. Today we hurried back home to beat the storms coming in from Canada. From Pascagoula, Mississippi east we were in rain and wind. Right now at home we are having high winds and there is a tornado warning. That's because of the warm air from the Gulf of Mexico meeting the cold air coming down from Canada. It's supposed to get drier and then possibly snow on Christmas eve. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I don't expect much snow to fall here at the seashore.

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