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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  28/DEZ/2004 6:59 PM
Assunto:  Re: Patio and grass
Mensagem:  Around here we walk on the grass. It's lush and grows well. In the summer we don't wear shoes much around the house. Right now the grass has turned brown and will be brown until spring. The people who want their lawns to stay green all winter have to plant rye grass seeds. They will have green grass all year. The rye grass dies when the heat comes in the spring. Then the regular grass takes over and turns green again. We use the word garden two ways. One is a flower garden and the other is a vegetable garden. Flower gardens are often landscaped areas. We have four. One is shaped like a kidney. Two others are cirles with crepe myrtles and monkey grass clumps. They are all in the front lawn out towards the street. Inside the kidney shaped area there is a fringe tree, hibiscus plants, Mexican something or others, etc. The idea is to have flowers of different heights and colors that make a design. Then in front of and just along the house we have another landscaped area. It is covered with smooth river rocks. There are other plants and flowers (lilies, tulips, pampa grass, etc). There is a similar area on the side of the house near the garage. Then, behind the house, to the south of the lawn area is a fringe area we call "o mato" because it's wetlands. That's the area along the lake. There we have tall pine trees, short live oaks, tall plants, bright wild flowers and other things that grow well in a swamp or wetlands. That area has snakes, frogs, bugs and other things. The lake has turtles and fish. The mato is home to many birds including herons, hawks, ospreys, doves, woodpeckers, finches, etc. We don't have a vegetable garden. We also try not to use fertilizers. We use something called milorganite which is a granular substance made from cow patties. We have plants inside our enclosed patio area also. They are palms and other plants with bright flowers. I have them arranged around a fountain that runs off of a pump in the water. It sprays water into the air (just a few centimeters) and makes a soothing noise. The water recirculates. One of these plants is a lemon tree. It actually grows huge lemons which we don't eat because they are so strong. It's neat to watch a lemon grow from almost nothing to a fruit larger than a tennis ball!! We leave them on the tree and visitors ooh and aah over them. We put our swimming pool inside our enclosed patio. That way we don't have leaves or bugs falling in the water. Our pool is made of plastic and sits above the ground. We put about 500 gallons of water in it. There is a filter which circulates the water and every once in a while we have to add chlorine. It's about a meter deep and about 2.5 meters across. When the temperature is about 42 or 43 Celcius the pool feels really good!! The pool is from Wal Mart and we paid $36 for it. Right now it's empty, dry and folded up in a box in the garage. Next summer I'll get it out again. That's for when the grass is green!!

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