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Autor:  José Roberto
E-mail:  josezambon@merconet.com.br
Data:  10/JAN/2005 11:04 PM
Assunto:  Re: Complicating x complicated
Mensagem:  Hi Tina You said: "Why the word complicate does not follow the general rule for adjectives (when it refers to a person, we should use "ed" at the end of the word and when it refers to an object, we should use "ing". Ex.: a bored girl, a boring movie)" Such a rule is incomplete, as Lewis would probably say, let's explore and try to find any coherence. My job is (boring, interesting, satisfying, tiring, depressing...) I am (bored, interested, satisfied, depressed...) I am BORED because my job is BORING. I am INTERESTED in what I do because I've got such an INTERESTING job. I am SATISFIED with my job because I've got SATYSFING conditions (salary and fringe benefits included) at work. I am TIRED because my job is TIRING. I am DEPRESSED because I've got a very DEPRESSING job. ==>Now what is more likely to happen? Someone to feel something or objects to feel something? But: Chris is very BORING, she will always bother me with her BORING stories and at the end of the day she really makes me feel BORED. A person can make the others feel something, so the adjectives with -ing can and are also used for people. Julia is a very INTERESTING person, I am sure you'll like to meet her. Am I TIRING you with this long speech? ==>Adjectives ending in -ing are CAUSE what one or something cause the others to 'fell', and the ones ending in -ed are EFFECT, what one or something perceives, reacts. ==> Complicated. I liked Mary but we had such a COMPLICATED relation that we had no option but to break apart. The way our relation was going was getting more and more difficult to bear that one day it blew out. My job is very COMPLICATED. Something makes my job be complicated. Normally someone or something else cause others to become complicated, do we often use the word 'complicante' in Portuguese? It's the same thing. (?) I am a COMPLICATED person because My job is COMPLICATING. (maybe: My job is getting complicated would fit better here.) It's a COMPLICATED situation. The situation is GETTING COMPLICATED lately. Check: Grammar in Use, Cambridge, second edition, page 194. José Roberto.

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