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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  07/FEV/2005 1:57 AM
Assunto:  Re: To Dale
Mensagem:  Thanks for the tips! I made a huge batch of "chili" tonight. I bet Tom knows all about it! I needed a good laugh, and I enjoyed the joke too! Andres doesn't drink beer OR chimarrao. This sounds very anti-Gaucho to me...but he's an Internacional fan, so I guess it's okay. I started drinking chimarrao over 40 years ago. In 2001 I visited the Serra Gaucha for the first time, and a guide wanted to show me how to drink it. Putz... I was drinking chimarrao when he was still a twinkle in his daddy's eye. I didn't have terere until 1982. Surprisingly, I had my first terere in Rio in the home of Nordestinos! I could drink two liters with dinner without a problem. I still like it. I've never tried it, however, with anything but water. I've heard of people using soft drinks instead of water. I was given a simple "guampa", but in Ciudad del Este I saw some beautiful "guampas". Beautiful... Over the years I've collected cuias and bombas from several countries. Take care, buddy.

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