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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/FEV/2005 1:21 AM
Assunto:  Re: been to X gone to-DAle
Mensagem:  But there is in other contexts, isn´t there?! - If you say: She has gone to the US, it means she is there. - She has been to the US, she went there once and returned to Brazil. So, I guess the sentence is OK. -------------------------------------------------- You write: "She has been to the US, she went there once and returned to Brazil." (Not really. Perhaps she has been in the US many times. Clearly you believe that she is not there now. I have gone to Curitiba, but I'm certainly not there now. I have been to Mexico, and I am not there either.) (1) "Have you gone to the store?" (How could I ask you this question face-to-face unless you had either (a) gone to the store and returned or (b) not gone at all? There is nothing unusual about this structure.) (2) "Have you been to the store?" (I'm asking if you went and returned. (1) and (2) are the same question couched in different verbs. ) (3) "She went to Australia." (Did she return? Maybe she is still there, and maybe I spoke with her yesterday over lunch.) (4) "She has been to Australia." (Clearly she went to Australia and left. Did she return? Maybe. Is she now in a third country? Maybe. Wherever she is, to my knowledge she is not in Australia at this moment.) "Been to" definitely implies that the person has gone and left but not necessarily returned. With "gone" there are no implications of the person's current whereabouts.

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