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Autor:  Ana
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  08/FEV/2005 10:19 AM
Assunto:  To Dale and others
Mensagem:  Let´s discuss this verb tense. In my sentence "All my clothes are tighter than usual. So, I realized I gained weight during vacation", I wrote "ARE TIGHTER" because it does refer to the present time, they are tighter now.
- I wrote "GAINED" (simple past, not perfect present) because vacation is over, so finished time.

Now, my question concerned "realized" because the present perfect is usually used to say that a finished action/event is connected with the present in some way or when we are thinking about a period of time "up to now"(not finished) even if we don´t mention it.

So, I thought: I am expressing my concern about the tight clothes now, and the fact of having realized seems to be connected to the present. Then, shouldn´t the sentence be:

- "All my clothes are tighter than usual. So, I HAVE realized I gained weight during vacation".

Food for thought.

Thank you.

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