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Autor:  Cleber
E-mail:  shakespy@hotmail.com
Data:  13/FEV/2005 3:56 PM
Assunto:  Just some useful words!!!
Mensagem:  Hi there everybody, I'm in doubt, I want to know some words to use on my daily exercise. How could I say these kinds of exercise.. Barra. Flexão de braço, ou só flexão. Triceps. Abdominal. Cuper. Alongamento. Aquecimento. About exercises, that's all for today. I'm curious also, about an expression I saw on the movie "Back to the future Part III", when Dr. Brow saw that girlfriend of him. He said Toodle-oo, It's really curious this word, I hope you could help me. Thanks...

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 Just some useful words!!!  –  Cleber  13/FEV/2005, 3:56 PM
Re: Just some useful words!!!  –  NOBRE  14/FEV/2005, 12:32 PM

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