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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  16/FEV/2005 10:02 PM
Assunto:  Re: Salad
Mensagem:  Last night we went out to dinner. My wife and I both had the same main part of the meal. I had two "sides" which were mashed potaotes with gravy and green beans. She had two "sides" which were cole slaw and field beans. We both had biscuits which were not considered "sides" by the waitress. The choices of sides last night included cole slaw, mashed potatoes, field beans, green beans, beets, okra or squash. These are all items preferred in the southern part of the USA. In some restaurants side orders cost extra. The menu lists what you can order and gives the price. So, if you get a hamburger and it comes with French Fries but you also want fried onion rings then you look at the list of "side orders" to see what's available. Many restaurants do not, I say again, do not allow the customer to substitute a side order food for one of the items that comes as part of their meal (the peas, beans, rice, broccoli, etc). The owners know what the value/price of the foods are and build the meals with an view towards putting things that cost less with them main items (steak, pork chop, etc) and leaving the things people would rather have (fries, baked potato, etc) on the list of side orders available. That way the customer spends more money. The place we went to last night uses the word "sides" in two ways. Each person can order two sides with their dinner. Sides not on the list for that day have to be ordered off of the menu list of sides. The reason they are called sides is because they are served in little bowls that are placed on the side of the main plate. Around here the main plate is usually covered with the meat or fish.

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