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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/FEV/2005 7:44 PM
Assunto:  Re: Accurate?
Mensagem:  About twenty years ago I represented for a time a consortium of Brazilian exporters in the California market. I was surprised to find many cultural differences that clearly affected Brazilian business in particular and possibly Brazil's economic growth in general. I met several representatives in the Los Angeles area (all Brazilians) and they said they had very much the same experiencs that I had. Two major differences that come to mind are (1) the concept of business ethics, and (2) the willingness to listen to the customer. (1) I found a customer in California who flew to Brazil where he signed an agreement to import $1,000,000 of goods per year. The Brazilians I was representing tried to remove me entirely from the picture so that no commission would be paid to me. It was my American buyer who insisted that I and my commission be written into the agreement. My customer was protecting me, not the firms I was representing. Was this an isolated incident? One of my best friends repeatedly had similar experiences. Some of his sales totaled over a million dollars, but the Brazilian firms refused to pay his commission. In one incident, one of his customers bought a container of pots and pans. When the container arrived, it was found to contain pots and pans...rusty and unsellable pots and pans. Do you think the customer placed a second order? When I contacted American importers, many refused to have anything to do with Brazilian firms due to past bad experiences. I was repeatedly told that contracts and agreements made by Brazlians meant nothing. Compare this with how the Japanese and Chinese do business. Having sense of honor and ethics is not only honorable and ethical, it is also good business. A firm that keeps its word will have repeat business. A firm that lies and cheats to make a few dollars today will be constantly looking for new and unsuspecting customers to cheat. (2) Brazlian businessmen do not listen to customers. The attitude is "We have square soccer balls. How many do you want?" The attitude of the Japanese and Chinese was exactly the opposite: "Tell us what you want and we will manufacture it." Brazil was exporting beautiful soccer shirts and shoes. The American importers complained repeatedly that the shirts were too hot (the Americans wanted cotton) and the shoes were too narrow (they were made to Brazilian not American specifications). The Brazilians told me to tell the Americans that the weather was hotter in Brazil than in the USA and nobody complained, and the soccer shoes would only be worn for a few hours at a time so the difference in width was not a problem. In other words, "Mr. Customer, screw you." The customers were complaining about a problem that the manufacturers refused to admit existed. I recall talking with a Catarinense one afternoon at a party. He sold Brazilian shoes. He told me he was returning to Brazil where he planned to open an export management company. I still remember his words, "I'm going to get rich because I know how to listen to customers." If you want to do well in business, take a good look at others who are doing well and copy their practices. If you have no or little repeat business, maybe the fault is with you and not your customers. Could there be a connection between business ethics and the economy? Hmmm...let me think about that.

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