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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/FEV/2005 2:44 AM
Assunto:  Re: Accurate?
Mensagem:  Alexandre and Edson, I appreciate your comments. Alexandre, were those Chinese from the People's Republic? I dealt some a many years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. Years ago I read of an American manufacturer who was selling an item to a Japanese firm. After a time the Japanese approached him and asked if it was true that his cost had increased significantly. It had, but he said that his contract stated he was to sell the item for $X and that was what he was doing, regardless of his loss. The Japanese said that he was an honest man, they did not want him to lose money, and they appreciated a supplier who kept his word. They renegotiated with him, paid him more for his product, and the American started making a profit again. I realize this is merely an anecdote, but it shows that at least one company in Japan has a laudable sense of ethics and honesty. Edson, about two years ago I did a short paper on Brazilian culture for a TESOL class. The paper was based on several interviews of Brazilian friends. The philosophy of taking advantage of the moment was mentioned by everyone. It's myopia. Many Brazilian businessmen are so concerned with making a dollar today that they are blind to making thousand dollars next year. I believe in honesty for honesty's sake, but in the business world it is simply good business to be honest and dependable. And, of course, the honest man sleeps a lot better.

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