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Autor:  Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  20/FEV/2005 7:12 AM
Assunto:  Re: Accurate?
Mensagem:  Eddy,
I don´t believe that the "lei do gerson" is a realistic assesment of brazilians because i think it is hard to find an assesment of a whole people. Although i sometimes find myself doing just that. I am not writing this to be politically correct but based on experience , at least in brazil. I do consider that there is a problem concerning knowledge about where revenues come from, or who pays for what. In the united states the amount of sales tax ( our ICMS) is stated when a person buys a product, in brazil it is not. So most people probably don´t know that 40% of what you pay for shampoo is ICMS and 50% of what you pay for a pen is ICMS. Once on a train in europe i was talking to some brazilians who felt bad that they payed for the train ticket because the ticket controler had not asked them to show their tickets. They thought that in paying taxes in europe they should not pay for the train ticket yet the train in this case was privatly runned and owned. This lack of knowing and questioning what pays for what in my mind causes an atmosphere of mistrust that is very bad for a capitalist society and its effects on brazil is very negative. Nobody knows who paid for what, everybody thinks they paid for everything and the next person did not and the brazilian state finds it easier to tax people even more by selecting groups ( like the mp 232 now) since the ones who are not being taxed think it is fair not knowing that soon later the same mentality is going to be used to gather support to tax them.

Yes the forklift incident involved a company from the peoples republic of china. Yet so did the honest buisiness proposal incident regarding my friend who wanted to invest in brazil.

Some links of interest
www.booktv.org ( i use to practice my english comprehension skills) along with the audio part of this website www.mises.org

If ever in Rio do as the Cariocas do
I recomend arriving at 4 in the afternoon, buying a copy of your favorite magazine at the corner newstand ( they have magazines in english as well) ordering bolinho de aipim or bolinho de bacalhau and a glass of the best chopp in town. Then forgeting about life for a while.

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