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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  21/FEV/2005 12:17 AM
Assunto:  Re: How are u?
Mensagem:  (1)How is she? = Como está? (Doente? Bem? Melhor?) (2)What´s she like? = Como é? (Alta? Gorda? Simpática?) (3)How´s she doing? = Como está? (Doente? Bem? Melhor?) (1) = (3) Either could be answered with "She's fine." "She's doing better now." "She is worse than yesterday." Note that the questions and the answers are clearly related to her physical condition/health. (2) = This question is usually used to ask about someone's physical features, what their personality is like, and other PERMANENT or SEMI-PERMANENT conditons. Is she tall, fat, ugly, a hard worker, alcoholic, a good housekeeper, a great student, an honest attorney, etc. The question could be used in reference to someone's health, but it would very unusual, somewhat insensitive, and would be more or less asking for a description of what treatment she is receiving. An answer might be "She is on oxygen, her heart is being monitored, and her leg is in a cast." If asking about the condition of a patient, I would avoid this form of question. (4)A fourth possibility is "How does she look?" or "How is she looking? These questions are very closely related to (1) and (3).

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