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Autor:  Eddy Souza
E-mail:  edsonsouza@uai.com.br
Data:  21/FEV/2005 12:05 PM
Assunto:  Re: Accurate?
Mensagem:  Alexandre,

Of course, it´d be a wrong statement when we consider everybody basing on "Gerson´s law´ to do his/her business. What happens is something like that - the government taxes the people hevily because not everbody pays it. Not everybody pays it because the taxes are so heavy. It´s like the software companies: They sell software expensive because so many guys pirate them...and so many guys pirate them because they are soo expensive.

Solution: Everybody (society and government) have to sid down around the table to talk seriously. Don´t you think ?...

Eddy Souza

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