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Autor:  Ligia
E-mail:  can_guruzinha@hotmail.com
Data:  03/ABR/2003 1:10 AM
Assunto:  General info
Mensagem:  Hi there! 1) I've been looking for the exact translation for terms like FINANCIAMENTO, ENTRADA, PARCELAS and CONSÓRCIO. Where can I find a good online English-Portuguese Business Dictionary for these terms? 2) I've been also looking for a nice and simple lesson that differentiates MAKE DO. Any tips? 3) I would appreciate some information about False Cognatives, which is about the tricky words in Portuguese similar to some words in English, but with completely different meaning. 4) I've been looking for a table that separates the verbs in 2 types: verb + ING and verb + TO BE (eg: love dancing, prefer to do). Do you guys have any good ideas on where to find it? 5) The last but not the least, I would really like your opinion about a good online English-Portuguese Technical Dictionary (something for CHASSI, DIREÇÃO HIDRÁULICA, ETC). Thank you very much! Ligia

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