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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  24/FEV/2005 8:08 PM
Assunto:  Re: AT
Mensagem:  Why do we have to use always only the preposition "AT" before the name of places, for example: I work at Honda.(Why not: I work at the Honda?) I study at ICBEU. (Why not I study at the ICBEU) ....................................................... Is "the" part of the title? No, it's not. A native speaker will not add "the." Then why would you want to add "the" after "at"? Why should "at" change the name of a place? The Honda Building is on Sixth Street. (Is "the" part of the name of the building? Of course. A native speaker will use "the" in front of a modified name. Then you can say "I work at/in the Honda Building.) The UCLA main campus is located in Westwood. (Is "the" part of the name? Yes. Then you can say, "I study at/on the UCLA main campus.") UCLA is a university. (Is "the" part of the name? No. Then you can say, "I study at UCLA.") Once in a while you will find a very short name that includes "the", but this is rare. When you find it, use it. Examples include "The Raddisson" (a hotel), "The Hyatt" (a hotel), etc. My recommendation is that you do not invent things. Copy and imitate what native speakers are saying. If a native speaker says "California", don't say "the California" because you think it sounds nicer. If a native speaker says "the Hollwood Bowl", say "the Hollwood Bowl" and not "Hollywood Bowl" nfor whatever reason you may think you have.

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