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Autor:  snow
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  25/FEV/2005 12:17 AM
Assunto:  help
Mensagem:  I´d like an activity to teach about ´advances in science and technology in thesecond half of the twentieth century´ 1957 artificial satellite, 1962 industrial robot, 1972 video game 1984 compact disc& CD-ROM 1986 DNA´fingerprinting`1989 World Wide Web. Can you explain thesignificance of each of these advances? Which do youthink is the most important? the least important? Which have affected your life? Which have not? Anyone have any idea how can I start teaching some icebreaking activities, games etc I can´t find anything in all the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 English Made in Brazil -- English, Portuguese, & contrastive linguistics
 help  –  snow  25/FEV/2005, 12:17 AM
Re: help  –  Nobrega  25/FEV/2005, 1:34 AM

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