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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  01/MAR/2005 12:34 PM
Assunto:  Re: to Tom
Mensagem:  Sure, we use the word fireman every day. Around here we have two kinds of firemen. One is the true professional, trained and working for the fire department. The other is the volunteer fireman. These are people who take the same training as a professional fireman but are not paid as firemen. Our firehouse is about two kilometers from our house. If we phone 911 and report an emergency at our house then the guy on duty at the firehouse gets into the firetruck and comes to our house. Other volunteers are alerted immediately and come in their own cars. A designated person goes to the firehouse to be on call in case another person phones with an emergency. Then he/she will take the second fire truck to the new location. Or maybe they will have to bring the second truck to my house to help the first crew. It's like a ladder....people are called into action as the level of necessity rises. All of the volunteers, just like the professional firemen, have to take physical, written and practical exams to stay certified. Because we have the volunteer firehouse our insurance premiums (pagamentos) are lower. The volunteer firehouse is where we go to vote. We also go there to use the party and meeting room. Firemen are also called firefighters. The men and women who fight forest fires are called "smoke eaters" because the inhale so much smoke over their careers. Did you know there is a group of Indian (American indians, not people from the Indian subcontinent) women who parachute as a group into the forests to fight forest fires? There was a nice story about them in the Reader's Digest (Seleções)once.

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