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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  13/MAR/2005 6:34 PM
Assunto:  Re: Wholesale/Retails outlets
Mensagem:  The marketing of the kettle to wholesale and retail outlets. (Note: the word is "retail" and not "retails".) kettle = chaleira wholesale = atacado retail = varejo outlet = posto de venda, loja The Carla Kettle Company makes kettles. The Carla Kettle Company sells kettles to wholesalers (wholesale outlets) around the country. One of the wholesalers (wholesale outlets) is "Kitchenware of the Americas". "Kitchenware of the Americas" sells the Carla Kettle Company's kettles to retailers (retail outlets) that sell directly to the consumer. A third term is "factory outlet". Let's say that the Carla Kettle Company is constantly selling new styles of kettles. When a new kettle replaces an older style, what happens to the older style? It doesn't make sense to throw them away. Possibly the Carla Kettle Company has a "factory outlet" where the old style kettles can be sold directly to the consumer at reduced prices. The Carla Kettle Company is happy because it is earning money for products that it is no longer selling, and the customer is happy because he is saving money by buying a style no longer in fashion. Often many factory outlets can be found together in a shopping center dedicated to factory outlets. If you are not concerned with fashion or gadgets, they are great places to save money while buying shoes, clothing, books, CDs, camping equipment, kitchen appliances, etc.

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Wholesale/Retails outlets  –  Carla  13/MAR/2005, 6:07 PM
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