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Autor:  Tom
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  14/MAR/2005 6:47 PM
Assunto:  Re: Tom- tumbling
Mensagem:  After going through a couple of gymnastics sites, I´m still confused with the word "tumbling". Would there be a word for it in Portuguese? By the way, a "pull up" (exercise) would be the same as a "chin-up"? A tumbler is an acrobata, saltador. So, when you tumble you do what a saltador does on the ground. Have you seen the Olympics? Can you remember the gymnasts doing what we call "floor exercises" where they start in a corner, run real fast and then do a somersault on the ground or in the air and then try to land with both of their feet side by side without falling over on their face? That's tumbling. Kids tumble too when they do cambalhotas in the grass down the side of the colina. I don't know a good Portuguese word other than cambalhota. A chin-up is a pull-up which requires the athlete to pull up to the bar far enough that he or she can extend the chin over the bar and hold it for a second or two. It requires more strength than just pulling up parallel to the bar. When Dale and I meet for a beer on Friday night we will probably do pull-ups to see who pays for the beer. The one who does the most chin ups does not have to pay. If it's a tie then the bartender will probably make him pay because I do lots of chin-ups 'cause it makes the girls go "oooh and aaaaah" all of the time.

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