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Autor:  Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  18/MAR/2005 2:39 AM
Assunto:  Re: Changes in linguistic ability
Mensagem:  I am a native Portuguese speaker, I learned English in the U.S. from age 6-12 and then continued in an English speaking school until graduation (age 18). After that my contact with foreign tongues includes at age 27 living and studying in a French speaking environment and then an Italian speaking environment for one year. The first for 2 years and the second for one year. In the end I still speak Portuguese and English like a native and struggle with the two latin languages I acquired (French and Italian) although I can communicate in both of them I do find them somewhat annoying when it comes to constructing phrases in a way that you can (I, the speaker) can understand why they make sense grammatically. My guess is that my grammar education was always in English, I speak native Portuguese due to my parents but the grammar never sunk in which makes me a good French and Italian speaker but I could not really, in my mind, understand the rules to such languages.

Sorry to be so complicated, just thought my post may be of use.

P.S I do not think my experience is a rule. I have met others who shared such an experience and differed from me.

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