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Autor:  Dale
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  19/MAR/2005 2:17 PM
Assunto:  Re: Dale, Re: BOCA PRA FORA
Mensagem:  Liz, I can certainly see a relationship between "to give lip service" and "to have a hidden agenda", but I do not believe there is a strong relationship between them and the idioms that I gave. "To give lip service" is to say one thing and do another. The government says it wants to lower taxes and provide better services to the people, but it spends money on projects that only make its political allies wealthier. It is giving lip service. Mary says she is looking for a job, but she spends every free moment at the beach with friends. She is giving lip service. "A hidden agenda" is an ulterior motive. Fred says he wants to help the community by joining the Lions Club, but the real reason is the local club has influential members who may be able to help his political career. He has a hidden agenda. Sue says she is a volunteer at the school because she likes children, but her real reason is she wants a pretext to spend time near Fred, a teacher at the school. She has a hidden agenda. I can see someone giving lip service to something while having a hidden agenda. Obviously, you can too. The idioms I gave were more related to things said and/or done to joke with or tease another person. I do not believe they would involve giving lip service to anything. I suppose a hidden agenda could exist (to make the other person laugh?), but I don't believe that the expression "hidden agenda" would fit here. What are your thoughts? Being a native speaker, you have a better feeling for the meaning and uses of "da boca pra fora". Maybe I am off base, but I'm certainly not just yanking your chain or rattling your cage. - Dale

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