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Autor:  CR
E-mail:  nobrega@usa.com
Data:  21/MAR/2005 10:39 PM
Assunto:  Re: Termos de logistica
Mensagem:  slow product fast product low cube high cube fast mover slow mover Estes termos são ligados a produtos, e gerenciamento de estoque em logistica. ------------- Low cube/high cube refer to standard sizes of shipping containers (railroads/ships). "Cube" is short for "cubic feet", the volume of the container. Low, small; high, large. See the following definitions of "High Cube" on the Web: Any container which exceeds 8 feet 6 inches (102 inches) in height, usually 9 feet 6 inches. www.oocl.com/glossary/g_to_l.htm A container that is taller than 102 inches. glencoe.com/sec/busadmin/marketing/dp/intl_mktg/gloss.shtml Denoted HC or HQ. A 40' ocean container being 9'6" in height as opposed to the standard 40' container freight of 8'6". This container has 26.6% more space and the rates are generally higher at the same percentage. www.gallaghertransport.com/gtiglossary.html "Slow product", related to "slow mover", refers to a product that "moves" slowly, that is, it doesn't sell well. A "fast product", "fast mover", is the other way around, a product that sells well. Typically a manufacturer adjusts his production and inventory to how fast a product is "moving". Have you seen pictures of parking lots next to car factories with 45.000 identical purple cars? Those were slow movers!... Be well. CR

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