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Autor:  Alexandre
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  22/MAR/2005 2:41 AM
Assunto:  comida americana
Mensagem:  Hi Yall´
Liz wrote this

Mas lembre-se "when in Rome do as the romans do" e aproveite para conhecer mais a cultura e a comida americana.
I agree. there is much more to american food than hamburgers and fries. Although i really do enjoy a goos hamburger. I am sure the germans will say that hamburger is from hamburg but i disagree. To me it is the people in a specific place that lauched a certain dish and made it recognizable that own the patent to the dish. So if german immigrants to the united states made hamburgers renowned then it is an american dish.
My favorite american dish is " shrip gumbo"
you can find the recipe here ( lebrando que "okra" significa "quiabo")

Favor nos dizer qual é sua receita predileta.

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