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Autor:  Johannes
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  23/MAR/2005 11:56 AM
Assunto:  Dogs
Mensagem:  Dogs are always a good topic in conversation. Not only are they a man´s best friend, they are also great 'friend-makers'. I noticed, that while in Brazil all you need is to push a baby around in a buggy and loads of people will talk to you, in northern europe that didn't seem to work that much. However if you take a dog out for a walk, you will get stopped inumerous times by people wanting to talk to your dog and you may occasionally get included in the conversation ( What's his name?). After people have stroked your dog and told it what a 'lovely little / big/doggie it is at various occasions, you may start to greet these people and gradually get on a friendly footing with them. I once observed an old lady, to whom ( seen the 'm'?), I guess nobody would pay particular attention to. She had a 3-legged dog! ( One leg amputated).She and her doggy couldn't walk 10 steps without being stopped and cuddled ( the dog, that is). The old lady for sure had no lack of people to talk to. I myself have 3 dogs , belgian sheppards ( pastores belgas pretas.) All 3 being highly huggable,there are ocassions I wouldn't mind one myself and so I stand in line behind them: até pode sobrar para mim um dia desses.

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