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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  31/MAR/2005 8:47 PM
Assunto:  Re: to ana m
Mensagem:  Hi Tom! I don't know how to use them all. I don't know when to use them for example on "fala-lo" if there should be one over the second "a" [and I am always just guessing at those. I don't know for sure whether it's the complete verb form + "o" or "a" or just part of the verb form + "lo" or "la". I have no idea whether I'm doing them right or not, though I think it has something to do w/whether the object is direct or indirect ??]. I also don't know how to use them when required like: à/às between some verbs and some nouns. One of your website users tried to explain this to me, but it seems to require a lot of memorization on my part that I'm not ready for. I've got lists and lists of which verbs use the "a" after them and which don't and I guess it just overwhelms me to try to figure out how to memorize them all. Maybe you have advice on a shorter list that shows the ones that don't require the "a" and I could tackle one instead . . . (That applies to my use of simply "o" or "ao" also, tho' it doesn't require an accent. I'm not sure when to use the "ao".) What I've been doing is typing in MS Word where I have some of those Alt keys and pasting the text onto the website to get the accents that I do use. I think there's one over the "u" that I don't use when I should and I will start looking those words up and use that one. [There might have been a few times when I just got lazy and did type directly in the site, but I've been doing the "paste" method recently to get my Portuguese to look better.] I guess I need to study more. I was doing kind of an immersion catch-up course to apply for a job here using Portuguese, but I've decided I'm not ready for that yet. So, even since arriving to this web site, my goals have changed and maybe I can spend some more time on the written aspect than on the spoken aspect. I used to have a great grammar book, but I think it got lost somewhere between Hurricane Charlie and Hurricane Jeanne 'cuz I can't find it with my Portuguese books and notes back here in Oregon. You know how it is, I'm not ready to buy the same book again that I used to have. Maybe I should go and visit our local Powell's bookstore. My friend from Brazil LOVED that store when he was here. He had never seen so many books in one place, if I remember how he used to say it. They might have a used copy of the same book a that store, I'll go look this weekend. At any rate, I apologize, but I am using all the accents I know how to use (except that one over the "u"). I hope this is okay, I love this site :) :) :) Ann/Ana

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