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Autor:  CR
E-mail:  nobrega@usa.com
Data:  03/ABR/2005 3:20 AM
Assunto:  Re: pagar a língua
Mensagem:  Could it be "to eat your words"? Here is a quote from http://humanities.byu.edu/elc/student/idioms/idioms/eat_words.html Eat one's words Meaning: Admit that what you said was wrong. If you eat your words, you admit that the statements or predictions you made were wrong. Examples: -Tom said Nancy would never succeed in her business, but after seeing her business grow, he had to eat his words. -I taught a grammar rule in my ESL class, and one of my students said I was wrong. After I checked it in dictionaries and asked other teachers, I found she was right. I had to eat my words in the next class. Be well! CR

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