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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  04/ABR/2005 6:50 PM
Assunto:  Re: to,with
Mensagem:  Alo sbs! Deixe-me tentar de dar uma pouca ajuda aqui. [P: todos os verbos que tiverem a preposicão to pode ser trocada por with? exemplo; i want to talk to,with you. what's happening to,with you? why did you do that to,with me?] I would answer "no," they cannot always be interchanged. "to you" em inglês terá a acepção como "para você ou "a você" "with you" terá a acepção de "com você" If I were to ask someone, "What's happening with you?" I would be inquiring probably about their emotions, how they are feeling about something they are going through. OR I could be trying to get up to date on what's going on in their life. "Que há de novo?" If I were to ask someone "What's happening to you?" it would theoretically be something that is going on right at that moment. "O que está acontecendo?" You could probably use either one if you were asking about an obvious change that you have seen take place in the way the other person is behaving -- Like if your friend has been real depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend or something, a noticeable change. You could say "What is happening with you?" OR "What is happening to you?" I like to use "talk with" because to "talk to" someone can have the subtle effect that you are talking AT them, not with them. So, the difference here would be: Listen to me when I'm talking to you! I meant to talk to you about that. (something you want to tell the person that might be corrective or something) I would like to talk with you about this (something you want to discuss). "Why did you do that to me?" would mean like if someone has hurt you in some way ("Why did you hit me?" "Why did you leave me alone?" "Why did you do that with me?" would not be too common, I don't think, unless you really didn't understand why someone was with you at the time. Teria a acepção de "Porque você fez isso comigo?" Does this help? I hope so. If you want more sample sentences, let me know. Um abraço, Ana

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