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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  05/ABR/2005 9:01 PM
Assunto:  Re: Para Andrê Oliveira
Mensagem:  Hi Tom! Well, that's what I was trying to figure out. I decided to write directly to André because he had responded earlier to my original post (this was the post I asked you about yesterday). I was sure he just hadn't seen my follow-up question, so I wrote to him this a.m. At any rate, it seems MJD wants me to direct Port. grammar questions elsewhere, so I was just tying up this one loose end, or trying to. It just doesn't look right to me, "escreveu" when it was me who wrote it. The 3rd person in English refers to anyone so that's what I'm trying to figure out, if it does the same thing in Portuguese. Can you tell me for sure? If not, it's gonna keep nagging at me, although I don't know how critical it is to what I need to know. Is this the Portuguese passive tense? Well, that's all I was trying to do. One of the sites MJD referred to me didn't display for some reason and the other was all in Portuguese and I need bilingual help with grammar. I still haven't checked out all the sites André listed yet so don't know if they're bilingual or not. (I see I goofed on the accent on his name -- that print is small and hard to read sometimes.) At any rate, you guys and girls on this site have given me plenty of help and plenty of corrections and I need to take time to absorb everything and get ready for my interview next week. The radio works pretty well, Tom. As I'm listening, I try to translate as much as I can into English. I don't need that much feedback to know when I'm unable to do it or unsure of myself. Likewise for TV in English. I watch it and try to translate as much of it as I can. That said, I do hope to find some Brazilian friends in Portland in the near future. I just need to get settled job-wise. How was the show this a.m.? I thought about it, ya know. I love airplanes, jets, etc., love flying. One day here a few years ago, some must-have-been military jets were flying over doing some exercises in unison right above me as I was out walking. It was too cool - legal! Thanks for your help, Ann

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