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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/ABR/2005 11:06 AM
Assunto:  Re: Para Andrê Oliveira
Mensagem:  Bom dia, André: Forgive me for writing in English. I can type much faster (sou datilógrafa). Thank you so much for this clarification regarding the verb usage on my resumé. I had it translated a while back but never submitted it anywhere. It always looked strange to me. I will look for the books you mention on Amazon.com :):):) Thank you. I fell in love with Portuguese but never had much success in finding someone to practice it with. I studied it way back in 1979-1981 and more-or-less "lost it" after studying some Spanish. I kept some Brazilian records, though, and had my favorite songs. Then I re-discovered Djavan around 1999 (listening once again to some of his songs that I had)! I love his music -- have about 10 of his CDs. So I found a private teacher to help me try to translate some of his songs. That's why my grammar isn't that great. I learned some a long time ago then concentrated on song lyrics. Then I started studying on the internet, printing out the same articles, when I could find them, in both English and Portuguese and making comparisons. [I still try to read the colums of Joelmir Beting, my favorite writer ... I like reading economic stuff] Right now, there is an employment opportunity here in Portland that I am seeking, that of a "tele-interpreter," so I am "vivendo com a nariz nos livros" trying to play catchup on my Portuguese. The first objective will be to pass the initial tests and then keep studying and increasing my vocabulary. I was told I would be started on simple calls so that would give me time to keep studying. Bastante inglês! Obrigada por tudo, André. Olha, eu vi hoje um uso de "past participle" do verbo entregar, escrito como "foi entregue ..." Isso é correto, nao "foi entregado" ou possa a gente usar ambos? Pois, se tenha um pouco mais tempo para mais uma perguntinha. Eu lhe agradeço muito :):):) Um abraço, Ana

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