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Autor:  Ana M
E-mail:  não-disponível
Data:  06/ABR/2005 1:13 PM
Assunto:  Re: tele-interpreter
Mensagem:  Hi Johannes! Thank you for your best wishes. Yeah, I'm hoping to first pass the tests. I learned a little bit about what to expect in the interview, so am studying for that. The job will be at their office. Also, I was told I would be given just simple calls at first, so that will buy me more time to continue studying. Are you in the US or in Brazil? In the US, we have a job called "medical transcriptioinist," which I have been doing for 6 years. Here's a quote from my resumé: "Experiência com transcrição de documentos médicos inclui transcrição voltada para a produção de prontuários de pacientes não-internados em áreas importantes tais como audiologia, cardiologia, endocrinologia, gerontopsiquiatria, hematologia/oncologia, HIV-AIDS, problemas de saúde específicos de pacientes militares, neurologia, oftalmologia, ortopedia, e distúrbios pulmonares/do sono. Também [possui] experiência na transcrição de prontuários de Pronto Socorro, relatórios de pacientes não-internados e radiologia." And I never worked with a doctor, just for an agency that handled the transcription. Of course, there are a lot of terms and specific verbs I need to learn, but veja só: ligament ligamento muscle músculo tendon tendão ETC. A lot of medical (and legal) terms are based on Latin so it really is not that difficult to translate from English to Portuguese. Pois, pray for me, please! I will only be able to do this with the help of God. Thank you, Johannes. Um abraço, Ana

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